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MyTESY app is here!

Monitor your appliance and save energy via Internet control

FloorEco Cloud is our newest floor-standing electric convector, that offers a modern elegant design, combined with a reliable and stable cnstruction.
FloorEco is equipped with smart functions for energy saving like Weekly Programmer, Open window/door function, Adaptive Start and more, and all of them can easily and intuitively be controlled via MyTESY app.
Since the model is portable and also has an IP 24 splash proof protection, it is suitable for bathroom usage as well.

FloorEco Cloud

in Augmented Reality

Discover TESY panel convectors  

Cloud technology

Easy and intuitive Internet control with the MyTESY app

ErP Compliant

High seasonal energy efficiency

Suitable for bathroom usage

Splash-proof protection


Long life of the heating element


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